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Where's Wally Now?

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11/5/06 06:57 pm - monkey_wench - Mob of Waldos

Participate in the re-creation of the most difficult Waldo puzzle ever! Come out to the square across from the San Francisco Ferry Building on Saturday November 11th at noon in a red and white striped shirt and blue pants. This event will occur rain or shine. If it rains, we will congregate inside the Ferry Building. If the weather is nice, we will parade down to Cupid's Span for photos.

For event details and costuming resources, visit the Mob of Waldos web site.

If you think this is a cool idea, please help to spread the word! The bigger the turnout, the more fun it will be!

Mob of Waldos web site

9/20/06 03:43 pm - pendo - Fond memories...

Brings back fond memories...

Anyone remember every episode there would b a bit where you have 30 seconds to find Wall? How awesome!!

5/28/06 05:34 pm - pendo - Where's Grace?

Has anyone noticed that Big Brother's Grace is wearing a Wally-top on her publicity shot? Red and White stripes have been everywhere recently.

5/28/06 11:50 am - pendo - Welcome

Welcome to Where's Wally Now? Feel free to post about all thing's Wally.

I'll get things started by posting some pictures from a Where's Wally themed night at my favourite nightclub. Me and some friends have a game: each week the G-Bar website posts pictures of people from the weekend, and me and my friends search all the pictures for people wearing red and white striped t-shirts, just like looking for Wally. We then decided that we would go out dressed as Wally ourselves. There were six of us dressed as Wally altogether. It was such an awesome night. Here's some of the pictures, but more can be found by clicking here:

JaiB and Me
JaiB and Me

Tommy, Me, Jack, Becky and Lianne
Tommy, Me, Jack, Becky and Lianne
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